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Friday, April 29, 2005

Going to start posting to this more frequently

Hopefully this isn't a lie, but I'm hoping to start posting to this blog a bit more frequently. Here's a summary of what's going on with my characters:

Ami - level 41 now. She's in a guild, the Terra Sintenels. Our tabbard is a rich, deep blue with a golden tree emblem and gold trim. She hasn't participated too much in guild events, though, because I haven't been able to play when my guildies are on that often and now she's about the only character near her level in the guild. Ami has reached 225 in Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid. She is also almost 225 in Leatherworking. And she's at 225 or so on Skinning. So basically she's pretty much capped out and needs to start doing artisan quests to progress in her tradeskills.

Bip - level 21 now. Bip is a gnome warlock. Bip recently visited Darkshire and in a quest near Raven Hill Cemetary he found a wicked cool staff that was a bunch of +Int and +Stam and did about twice as much dps as his previous staff. Bip is an evil little dude. He does like to eat, though, and his cooking is at 150 and he just got his book to go higher. His first aid is dragging at around 120 or so. And his Fishing is a mere 50 or so, he needs to sit back and relax near a nice watering hole soon. He is a gatherer, doing skinning and mining. But his mining isn't that high yet.

Xashi - level 15 human female mage. Xashi has gotten her Tailoring up to expert level now. She's starting on her first aid now also. She is not doing cooking, she wouldn't lower herself to such menial tasks. She also avoids fishing like it was the plague. But she is a fledgling enchantress, but very fledgling since it's so expensive to do. Xashi is investigating the Defias cult in and around the Stormwind protectorates, Lakeshire, Goldshire, and Sentinal Hill in Westfall.

Sylvain - level 12 night elf druid. Sylvain is a good soloer, her skills are herbalism and alchemy (or maybe skinning). She has just gotten her bear form and that has made her powerful. Sylvain has been spending a lot of time in Darkshore near Auberdine, doing quests. She's not planning on doing cooking, first aid, or fishing, since she has no real need for those skills.

Other minor characters I haven't spent much time on are:
Kirsti - level 6 priestess.
Wargun - level 6 warrior.
Avirtua - level 5 paladin.
Artful - level 5 rogue.
Trinki - level 5 gnome mage.


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