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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Bip - Gnome Warlock Level 19

Bip is a male gnome, who is a crazy little dude. He has a passion for power, and will do nearly anything to attain more of it. Bip deals with demons, because he is a Warlock. Warlocks summon demons to do their bidding. Warlocks also can place curses on creatures that can cause them much misfortune. Warlocks can also summon shadow magic energy and hurl bolts of it at their enemies. The demons that Warlocks can summon will gain different skills over time as the warlock himself gains skills.

Bip is also a decent cook, and can fish sort of. He's not so good at first aid. He's working on his mining which isn't that good at either yet but he is pretty good at skinning things. Bip sells the things he mines or skins for money or sometimes he gives them to his friends.

Here is a shot of Bip at 19:

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