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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ami - Night Elf Hunter Level 37

Ami is my "main" toon, she's the first one I created and I play her the most of any of them. Ami is also part of a guild, called the Terra Sentinels. We're a low-pressure guild, just a group of friends who are having fun and helping each other out.

Ami's class is Hunter. Hunters specialize in ranged attacks and they can dish out quite a bit of damage. Hunters can tame pets to help them fight and keep their opponents at bay while the hunter pegs them with arrows or bullets. A hunter makes a great scout, they have quite a few skills that let them scope things out from a distance. They also make good "pullers" (the person in a group who is responsible for pulling "mobs" (monsters) to the party for the party to then help kill. A hunter is a very good solo class as well, thanks to the pet. They can only wear leather armor up until a really high level at which point (i think it's 40ish) they can upgrade to mail armor. Hunters are pretty good in the PvP part of the game, since they can dish out a lot of damage at range. A hunter gets the ability to feign death, which is useful in escaping a bad situation without dying.

Ami is a skilled Leatherworker and Skinner. She also is fairly adept at Cooking and First Aid. She's an excellent Fisher. Ami specializes in duel weilding axes at the moment. She has at one time been a sword user and a dagger user also. Her most prized posession is Stalvan's Reaper, a magical axe that dishes out a good punch.

Here is a picture of Ami as she currently is:

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And here she is as she was at level 21 (note the swords):

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Don't have any earlier shots of her really (nothing notable anyway).


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