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Friday, December 09, 2005

Blog is In Stasis

Well this is pretty obvious -- but anyway I am not even playing WoW right now and so I won't be posting to this blog until I resubscribe, maybe when Burning Crusade hits. Cya.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Going to start posting to this more frequently

Hopefully this isn't a lie, but I'm hoping to start posting to this blog a bit more frequently. Here's a summary of what's going on with my characters:

Ami - level 41 now. She's in a guild, the Terra Sintenels. Our tabbard is a rich, deep blue with a golden tree emblem and gold trim. She hasn't participated too much in guild events, though, because I haven't been able to play when my guildies are on that often and now she's about the only character near her level in the guild. Ami has reached 225 in Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid. She is also almost 225 in Leatherworking. And she's at 225 or so on Skinning. So basically she's pretty much capped out and needs to start doing artisan quests to progress in her tradeskills.

Bip - level 21 now. Bip is a gnome warlock. Bip recently visited Darkshire and in a quest near Raven Hill Cemetary he found a wicked cool staff that was a bunch of +Int and +Stam and did about twice as much dps as his previous staff. Bip is an evil little dude. He does like to eat, though, and his cooking is at 150 and he just got his book to go higher. His first aid is dragging at around 120 or so. And his Fishing is a mere 50 or so, he needs to sit back and relax near a nice watering hole soon. He is a gatherer, doing skinning and mining. But his mining isn't that high yet.

Xashi - level 15 human female mage. Xashi has gotten her Tailoring up to expert level now. She's starting on her first aid now also. She is not doing cooking, she wouldn't lower herself to such menial tasks. She also avoids fishing like it was the plague. But she is a fledgling enchantress, but very fledgling since it's so expensive to do. Xashi is investigating the Defias cult in and around the Stormwind protectorates, Lakeshire, Goldshire, and Sentinal Hill in Westfall.

Sylvain - level 12 night elf druid. Sylvain is a good soloer, her skills are herbalism and alchemy (or maybe skinning). She has just gotten her bear form and that has made her powerful. Sylvain has been spending a lot of time in Darkshore near Auberdine, doing quests. She's not planning on doing cooking, first aid, or fishing, since she has no real need for those skills.

Other minor characters I haven't spent much time on are:
Kirsti - level 6 priestess.
Wargun - level 6 warrior.
Avirtua - level 5 paladin.
Artful - level 5 rogue.
Trinki - level 5 gnome mage.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Joined a new server...

Because of all the annoying queues and lag on Argent Dawn (still a great server, I hope they get their tech problems fixed), one of my friends who plays moved over to a PVP server, Tichondrius. So I decided to go play over there a while and join up with them. I created an Undead female mage named Nuki. So far she's just gotten out of the starter area and is level 6. It looks like PVP doesn't happen in the starter zones so I haven't encountered any yet.

Here's a screenshot of Nuki:

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Bip - Gnome Warlock Level 19

Bip is a male gnome, who is a crazy little dude. He has a passion for power, and will do nearly anything to attain more of it. Bip deals with demons, because he is a Warlock. Warlocks summon demons to do their bidding. Warlocks also can place curses on creatures that can cause them much misfortune. Warlocks can also summon shadow magic energy and hurl bolts of it at their enemies. The demons that Warlocks can summon will gain different skills over time as the warlock himself gains skills.

Bip is also a decent cook, and can fish sort of. He's not so good at first aid. He's working on his mining which isn't that good at either yet but he is pretty good at skinning things. Bip sells the things he mines or skins for money or sometimes he gives them to his friends.

Here is a shot of Bip at 19:

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Ami - Night Elf Hunter Level 37

Ami is my "main" toon, she's the first one I created and I play her the most of any of them. Ami is also part of a guild, called the Terra Sentinels. We're a low-pressure guild, just a group of friends who are having fun and helping each other out.

Ami's class is Hunter. Hunters specialize in ranged attacks and they can dish out quite a bit of damage. Hunters can tame pets to help them fight and keep their opponents at bay while the hunter pegs them with arrows or bullets. A hunter makes a great scout, they have quite a few skills that let them scope things out from a distance. They also make good "pullers" (the person in a group who is responsible for pulling "mobs" (monsters) to the party for the party to then help kill. A hunter is a very good solo class as well, thanks to the pet. They can only wear leather armor up until a really high level at which point (i think it's 40ish) they can upgrade to mail armor. Hunters are pretty good in the PvP part of the game, since they can dish out a lot of damage at range. A hunter gets the ability to feign death, which is useful in escaping a bad situation without dying.

Ami is a skilled Leatherworker and Skinner. She also is fairly adept at Cooking and First Aid. She's an excellent Fisher. Ami specializes in duel weilding axes at the moment. She has at one time been a sword user and a dagger user also. Her most prized posession is Stalvan's Reaper, a magical axe that dishes out a good punch.

Here is a picture of Ami as she currently is:

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And here she is as she was at level 21 (note the swords):

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Don't have any earlier shots of her really (nothing notable anyway).

Back to the Blog

Well I haven't been very good about blogging the exploits of my characters. I may try to do better, or maybe not. We'll see. But I'm going to update it today at any rate. Next up will be screenshots of each of my characters as they currently exist.

Monday, December 13, 2004

My First Post

Azeroth Days is a new blog setup to chronicle one player's experiences through the popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) by Blizzard Entertainment known as The World of Warcraft. The World of Warcraft came out in November 2004, and it already has more than 500,000 subscribers. WoW is an online multiplayer fantasy world. The game itself costs about $50 and the first month of play is free. After that, users pay $15 per month (with discounts available for purchasing 3-month or 6-month subscriptions).

In WoW, I play a Night Elf Hunter named Ami. My character is on the Argent Dawn (RP) server. There are lots of different servers that you can choose from when deciding where to create your character. Some servers are designated (RP) which means "Role-Play", supposedly these servers are more geared toward players who want to get into character and act/speak in game as if they are actually their character and not just playing a game. There are also "normal" servers where RP is less strictly enforced. And there are (PvP) servers which are geared towards Player-vs-Player conflict.

Ami, on Argent Dawn, is currently level 21. So far Ami has been played approximately 90 hours. Ami is not just a Hunter, she is also a skinner (to skin hides from animals) and a leatherworker (creates leather armor and items from animal hides). She's a good fisherman and cook also. These types of activities are called "tradeskills" and allow you do participate in the player-run economy of WoW.

Ami has two "best friends" in WoW already. One is Nya, a Night Elf Rogue who is played by a real-life friend of mine, and Melingko, a Night Elf Druid also played by a different real-life friend of mine. Ami has met many other nice people she considers her friends, but so far has not opted to join into any "Guild" of associated players yet.

The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the lives of any characters I create in WoW and also to note any new news about the game that I find interesting or any other info related to the game.